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About Children in Poverty Inverclyde

Children in Poverty Inverclyde was formed in January 2014 to significantly assist in the alleviation of poverty on children in Inverclyde where nearly 1000 children are classified as being in poverty.

While the world has moved on in many regards, for some in society not a great deal has changed. The welfare and development of children and families are uppermost in our thoughts. We believe that the family unit is our number one priority and that children within those families are supported, encouraged and developed fully.

Our priority is to provide assistance to those who face daily challenges within our key priority areas; Poverty,Health, Equality and Participation. In addition we offer support in the form of donated clothing to other organisations(Childrens Centres, Foodbank & Homeless Group) whose principles fit within these key priority areas.
We aim to:
1.Tackle  Poverty
2. Improve Health
3. Promote  Equality
4. Encourage  Participation

Children in Poverty Inverclyde Trustees
The Board of Trustees currently numbers three and is selected annually at AGM.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the charitable ethos and values in our constitution are maintained,while managing,agreeing and actioning the distribution of funds.  
Patrick Burke
James M.Lamb
John McGovern
Joseph McAllister

children in poverty inverclyde board of trustees
Charity trustees James M. Lamb, Pat Burke and Hugh Graham

Children in Poverty Inverclyde is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation under the Charities and Trustee (Scotland) Act 2005.

Our charity number is SC044563.

Pat Burke (Chairman)

17 Langhouse Place
PA16 0EW
01475 521808
07801 472081

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